Enhance your guest's experience with the power of AI

HostGPT automates your guest's experience from the moment they book your property, until the moment they check out, ensuring your guest is satisfied with their stay!

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Featured AI Components

Empower your guests to travel their way with the power of HostGPT

Automate the tedious part of property management and enhance your guest's experience through the power of AI

Itinerary Builder

Your guest can tell HostGPT some simple information (like what types of activities they like) and set a budget and HostGPT will build an entire itinerary customized for their trip

Dining Recommendations

HostGPT recommends restaurants nearby your guests may enjoy. The generative AI takes into account cuisine type, average pricing, reviews, and even age appropriateness (if traveling with children)

Nearby Activities

HostGPT also lists local activities, taking advantage of generative AI and what your guests share about themselves to make sure to make the right recomendations based on your guests interests

Important Places

HostGPT will scour the internet and compile a list of important places your guest should know about based on proximity to your property. From grocery stores to the nearest hospital, your guests will be informed, and you won't need to lift a finger!

Host Reminders

Hosts are notorious for forgetting to issue gate codes, directions to the property, and simple things like wi-fi passwords. With HostGPT, hosts receive reminders to fill out important missing information!

Guest Communication

Every time more information is added to the reservation by the host, the guest receives an update notification from HostGPT letting them know to visit their trip dashboard. This streamlines communication and makes sure the guest stays informed!

We add real value for Property Managers

Property managers love HostGPT because we leverage AI to simplify the process and eliminate mistakes.
No more forgetting to send info
63% less text messages and chats from guests
Better guest experience equals 15% increase in repeat bookings
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Getting Started Is Simple

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Guests Love HostGPT

Your customers will love HostGPT even more than you do!  It's custom built to help travelers get more out of their vacation.
AI generated travel itineraries that consider budget
Customizable reccomendations for dining, activities, and important places
One centralized place to find all the info they need for their vacation

Customer testimonials

What our clients and their guests have to say
"The HostGPT AI tools made our experience at your property really awesome. We loved the itinerary builder, and all the recommended restaurants were fantastic. Thanks for a great time...we'll be back!"
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Jose Alvarado
"HostGPT is the solution for anyone wanting to streamline guest communications. The interface is intuitive, easy to train staff on, and works well on my mobile device. It has been a game changer for our entire company."
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Leonard Coyne
Property Manager
"HostGPT has made our lives so much easier when it comes to communicating with our guests. The simple interface allows us to manage the flow of information easier than any tool we've used before. I highly recommend this for any property manager."
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Jonathan Acosta
Property Manager
"I love the fact I can set up the automated guest notifications once for each property, save the data, and it automatically works for every reservation after that.  So simple, and saves me hours every week of tedious work."
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Randy Maxwell
Reservation Agent
"I loved having one place to go to retrieve the Wi-Fi password, get the gate code (I kept forgetting it), and navigate to nearby activities.  Super cool app"

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Jim Berger
"We had an issue when we checked in with the hot tub. Even though we followed directions, we couldn't get it to heat. The built in chat feature on our reservation page made it easy to contact the homeowner and he got someone out to fix it right away!"
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Trevor Robertson

Look Better
Service Better
Be Better

Guests who experience HostGPT are happier and the proof is in the numbers
More positive reviews by property managers who use HostGPT
The number of travelers who complete a second booking within 1 year
Reduction in guest complaints from things like poor communication
Our client retention rate (Once you try HostGPT, you'll keep using us)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work for Property Managers?
Property Managers log in to their HostGPT account and create property listings. This allows the property manager to create unique Home Guides and set up automated delivery of critical information to their guests (like directions to the property, gate codes, lockbox codes, etc).
How do I build a Home Guide?
Simply select from our list of categories (like Hot Tub Directions or Wi-Fi Password) and enter the relevant data. This will allow you to build out a custom home guide for each of ytour properties. And if you have a special category mnot listed HostGPT allows you to add it!
What happens if I schedule an automated delivery but forget to enter the data?
Let's say you scheduled HostGPT to send directions to your guests 2 days before check in, but for some reason you haven't updated the directions in your Home Guide. You'll receive an alert letting you know this information needs to be updated 3 days before the scheduled customer alert, reminding you to enter the data.
What do my guests get when I use HostGPT?
When you enter a new reservation (manually or via our API) a custom page is built for that reservation.  A unique link is sent to the guest, letting them know they can view and manage their entire trip from this page! The guest will be able to access your custom Home Guide, communicate with you via chat, and use the multiple AI tools to help them plan their vacation.
Is the reservation page branded to my company?
Yes! The reservation page will have your company logo, allowing the guest the comfort and credibility of dealing with your brand throughout.

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